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Adult Adoptees Can Now Discover Their Birth Parents

Beginning January 1, 2018, all adult adoptees born in Missouri can get a copy of their original birth certificate, including the names of their biological mother and father. Missouri passed HB 1599 in 2016 and persons that were adopted can now request access to this once confidential information.

In order to request access, the adoptee must be 18 years of age, born in Missouri and must fill out this Application for Non-Certified Copy of An Original Birth Certificate. There is a $15 fee paid to the Bureau of Vital Records to process this request.

The new law will also allow birth mothers and fathers to notify the Bureau of Vital Records of their disapproval to release their identifying information by signing a Contact Preference Form indicating that he or she wishes to maintain confidentiality. If one parent signs the form, his or her name will be redacted on the original birth certificate. If both parents sign the form, the original birth certificate will not be released. A birth parent must sign this Contact Preference Form and return it to the Bureau of Vital Records before the adoptee requests the information.


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