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St Louis Child Support Lawyers

Ensuring that Child Support Determinations are Fair for Our Clients

When children are involved in any type of family law case, such as paternity or divorce, the court will address the issue of child support. Child support is a payment one parent must pay to the other when the court deems it necessary. Both parents must fulfill their parental responsibility to support the child, and living separately does not change that obligation. If there are income disparities or custody that is not 50/50, child support payments may be ordered.

Whether you are the parent paying or receiving child support, it is critical that you ensure that the support order is fair under the circumstances. Please call a child support attorney at the J. Rench Law Firm in St. Louis right away for help with your case.

Child Support Decisions in Missouri

In most cases, child support is calculated using a specific formula set out in Missouri law. The formula takes into account many factors, including:

  • Number of children the parents have
  • Monthly income of each parent
  • The division of custody between the parents
  • Any prior child support or alimony orders from a prior marriage
  • Daycare costs paid by each parent
  • Family group health insurance costs paid by each parent

Courts will consider all relevant factors and will often make the child support order based on the standard formula.

Every situation is unique, however, and the formula does not necessarily result in a fair determination for all parents. Sometimes, the formula will result in a payment that is too high for the paying parent to afford or a payment that is too low for the receiving parent to cover the basic needs and expenses for the child. Fortunately, there are situations when the court has discretion to stray from the formula, and your attorney should know how to prove that the initial determination is not appropriate.

Child Support Modifications

If your circumstances change over time, you may need to adjust the child support amount, and you can petition the court for a modification of your order. You must prove that the modification is justified, and the other parent will likely contest the modification in many situations. You should discuss the need for a modification with a child support lawyer before you take action.

Speak with an Experienced Child Support Attorney in St. Louis

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