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How Divorce Mediation Impacts Children

Almost any kind of divorce case can benefit from mediation. This is possible because mediation involves a neutral third party to listen to separating couples and help them arrive at mutually-agreeable solutions to their issues. Apart from offering economic benefits, mediation is emotionally advantageous. This aspect of mediation is particularly helpful when the separating couple […]

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What Does the COVID-19 Quarantine Mean for St. Louis Divorce Mediation Lawyers?

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, almost all countries in the world are under lockdown, and citizens are required to follow strict social distancing norms. While health and financial wellbeing are the two most prominent concerns of this worldwide crisis, the third consequence is now emerging, and it is a strange one. We are talking […]

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St. Louis Divorce Mediation Lawyers Tell You Whether Divorce Mediation Will Work for You

More often than not, a separation gives rise to feelings of anger and frustration in the couple, which is why it can take a long time to resolve divorce cases. Several couples choose mediation to avoid the long duration and mounting costs associated with a traditional divorce trial. It also spares them stressful court hearings, […]

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St. Louis Divorce Mediation Lawyers Reveal 7 Signs You Should Pick Litigation over Mediation

At the time of tying the knot, no couple expects that they will divorce in the future. The unfortunate truth, however, is that not all marriages last. Sometimes, they end bitterly which gives rise to feelings of acrimony between the couple. This is when fairness goes out the window and leaves little room for agreements […]

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