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Understanding How a St Louis Divorce Mediator Can Help Separating Couples

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that is frequently used to resolve issues in St. Louis divorce cases. While mediation involves two divorcing spouses negotiating with one another, an essential part of the process is the mediator. Who is the mediator, and what is their role in this process? Read on for […]

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Smart Ways to Minimize the Cost of St Louis Divorce

According to a recent survey, “money issues” are the third-leading cause of divorce in the United States and Canada, behind infidelity and basic incompatibility. Divorce can also significantly impact your financial situation, as you might be losing the financial contributions of your spouse to your household, you may have to find a new place to […]

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St Louis Mediation: A Long-Lasting Legally-Binding Agreement

When you think of resolving legal issues with a divorce, you may first think of the images you have seen on television and in movies of couples battling it out in the courtroom. Most modern divorces do not follow that path, and many divorce cases do not involve litigation at all. More and more spouses […]

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Valuable Tips for Finding a Divorce Attorney in St Louis to Represent Your Cause

When you are facing a divorce, the first question is often about if should you hire a lawyer? When you decide to get legal representation, the next question will be: how do you find the right divorce attorney? There are many right and wrong steps to take to ensure you have the right lawyer for […]

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Divorcing after the Kids are Grown Up in St Louis

Many people stay married much longer than they want to “for the children.” When the children leave to go to college or graduate from college and head out on their own, some spouses decide it is time to seek a divorce. Additionally, some empty-nesters begin to identify problems in a marriage once their life is […]

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Practical Ways To Make A St Louis Divorce Easier and Less Adversarial

Every Divorce in St Louis is unique, and spouses can have very different experiences with the legal process. Some people are able to get along and resolve divorce-related matters in a relatively straightforward manner. On the other hand, some spouses refuse to agree or cooperate with one another, and emotions may drive them to be […]

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Divorcing with Young Children in St Louis

Ending a marriage in St Louis is never a simple process, but the situation can be significantly more complicated if you and your spouse have young children. While adults can be emotionally affected by a divorce, young children can face particular struggles when their parents separate. They will experience major changes in their everyday lives, […]

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Divorcing in St Louis When You Own a Business

Many divorcing couples are concerned about how they will divide property and assets such as the family home, cars, and retirement accounts. However, divorce can become substantially more complicated when one or both spouses own a business. Suddenly, your livelihood is potentially at stake, and you do not want to risk losing the business you […]

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St Louis Mediation: Preserving the Co-Parenting Relationship

Many divorcing couples look to mediation as a way to save time, energy, and money during the divorce process. Just because spouses cannot immediately agree does not mean a case will have to go to court, since mediation can often lead to resolutions. St Louis Mediation can also help with another very important aspect of […]

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