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How Much Does a Child Support Lawyer Cost in St. Louis?

Child support is the money that either or both divorced parents are required to pay by law towards the cost of raising the children. In St. Louis, child support may be ordered by the courts or by the Missouri Family Support Division – Child Support Enforcement. Although every case is unique, Missouri law has set […]

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How to Prepare for Divorce in St. Louis

No one gets married with the intention of getting a divorce in the future. However, sometimes things don’t work out for the couple, and the best way for them to move forward is by getting a divorce. The process is a complicated one and can go on for a prolonged duration. Usually, the most important […]

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How to Start the Divorce Process in St. Louis

Filing for divorce is never a pleasant experience for anyone involved, regardless of how unhealthy or amicable the relationship. If kids are involved, it only makes the situation trickier. If you are planning on severing your marital ties, you will need to know about what your rights are and the process to be followed. Working […]

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How to Tell Your Children That You’re Getting a Divorce in St. Louis?

Divorce includes tedious tasks like splitting assets and negotiating over alimony. It becomes even more stressful if children are involved. The impact of divorce on children depends on how the couple treats each other before and after the proceedings. Couples should realize that though their relationship will end, they will continue to be parents. They […]

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How to File for Divorce in St. Louis?

Divorce is stressful and the pressure increases with the lack of information on legal procedures. The Missouri laws term a divorce as the dissolution of a marriage. In this “modified no-fault state,” the only underlying reason for divorce is identified as irreconcilable differences between the husband and wife. However, the conduct of the parties involved […]

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How Divorce Mediation Works in the Times of COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus has impacted the lives of people all over the world and has created an atmosphere of uncertainty like never before. It has affected almost every industry and function, and our judicial system is no exception. As an experienced St. Louis divorce mediation attorney, I can ratify that the ongoing pandemic has greatly […]

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How Divorce Mediation Impacts Children

Almost any kind of divorce case can benefit from mediation. This is possible because mediation involves a neutral third party to listen to separating couples and help them arrive at mutually-agreeable solutions to their issues. Apart from offering economic benefits, mediation is emotionally advantageous. This aspect of mediation is particularly helpful when the separating couple […]

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Biggest Mistakes Lawyers Make in Mediation

Getting a divorce is emotionally draining as it is. On top of that, if you take the traditional route of court litigation, your divorce can drag on for months and may cost you a fortune. If you are separating amicably, however, you can try the less expensive, more open-minded, and relatively quick way of Alternative […]

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What Does the COVID-19 Quarantine Mean for St. Louis Divorce Mediation Lawyers?

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, almost all countries in the world are under lockdown, and citizens are required to follow strict social distancing norms. While health and financial wellbeing are the two most prominent concerns of this worldwide crisis, the third consequence is now emerging, and it is a strange one. We are talking […]

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