Changing Alimony Laws Are Affecting Divorce Settlements throughout Missouri

All across the country, alimony laws are changing. New trends to consider the employability and reasonable needs of a person receiving an alimony award make it more difficult to qualify for an award, shortens the length of time for which alimony is awarded, and reduces the amount of the alimony itself. Important changes to the […]

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Always Speak with a St Louis Divorce Lawyer Before Filing

With many online resources available to us, it can be more and more tempting to learn about matters on the internet instead of consulting with a professional. If you’re facing the dissolution of your marriage, you may consider pursuing the matter on your own with online forms. However, information online can never replace the in-depth […]

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Is It Time to Consult with a Divorce Mediation Attorney in St. Louis?

If you are considering divorce, it’s time to consult with an experienced St. Louis Divorce Mediation Attorney. It’s important to recognize that seeking professional legal counsel doesn’t make it any more or less likely that you will ultimately seek a divorce. Instead, a consultation can help you look at your situation more clearly and will […]

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