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If you’re getting a divorce, you should consult with an attorney. This fact is true whether your divorce is contested or uncontested or you have been married for six months or 20 years. The way that your divorce is resolved can affect every aspect of your life, including your relationship with your children and your financial well-being.

St. Louis divorce lawyer Jennifer Rench is a skilled mediator who knows how to find collaborative solutions to difficult problems. To schedule a free case evaluation with Ms. Rench, call our office today at 314-725-4000.

Helping Individuals Navigate All Aspects of Divorce

Family courts in Missouri have significant discretion to decide issues related to divorce. For this reason, it’s almost always preferable for a divorcing couple to come to an agreement about the issues that need to be resolved before their divorce is finalized. Doing so gives the divorcing couple more control over the outcome, allowing both parties to walk away feeling like they got at least some of what they wanted. This almost invariably leads to greater satisfaction with the outcome on both sides and reduces the chances of re-litigating issues in the future.

Some of the issues that Ms. Rench can help you negotiate include:

  • The division of marital assets
  • Spousal maintenance (also called spousal support or alimony)
  • Child custody
  • Child support

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If you are going through a divorce in the St. Louis area or believe that you are headed in that direction, you should call attorney Jennifer Rench as soon as possible. Ms. Rench is committed to finding amicable solutions to disputes, but will not hesitate to aggressively defend your rights in court. To schedule a free case evaluation with Ms. Rench, call our office today at 314-725-4000 or contact us online.


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