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Here Are the Facts Behind St. Louis Divorce Mediation Myths

Facts Behind St. Louis Divorce Mediation MythsDivorce mediation is an effective legal process that allows the separating couple to resolve their issues while keeping in mind the unique facts of their case.

If the couple has kids, divorce mediation enables them to amicably sort out matters related to child custody, child support, and more.

More often than not, the resolutions achieved transcend the stringent legal boundaries that the law may restrict a courthouse to.

Whether you’re going into a divorce with an agreement in place, or you and your spouse are having trouble resolving certain matters, mediation can help.

In fact, any St. Louis divorce mediation lawyer will confirm that even the most challenging issues can be resolved through this process, as long as both parties are willing to cooperate.

However, there exist several different divorce mediation myths and fallacies that are not true. This is why divorcing parties need to seek the right information from a professional divorce lawyer.

In this post, we’ve tackled some of the biggest divorce mediation myths.

Myth 1. You Don’t Need a St. Louis Divorce Mediation Attorney

Fact: Divorce cases can be exhausting to deal with. On top of that, legal terminology and processes are complicated, to say the least. All states have their own rules and statutes that are applicable to divorce cases, and Missouri is no different. Understanding these intricate differences can perplex the layperson.

What makes mediation effective is that both parties can make their decisions mutually, without the intervention of a judge, who may award an unfavorable verdict. It is important to have proper and practical knowledge of the divorce mediation process to reach a final resolution.

Only a divorce mediation attorney will know how it works and guide you accordingly. Their valuable advice will be based on real-life experiences. Information from any other source can never be as reliable as the guidance provided by a reputed divorce lawyer.

Myth 2. The Mediator Will Represent You

Fact: Not true. The mediator is essentially a neutral third party that governs the proceedings and helps the couple focus on resolving the matters under dispute. They do not make suggestions or take sides or support one spouse over another. Their ultimate aim is to facilitate an agreement. Your St. Louis divorce mediation attorney will be the best source of information on the precise role of a mediator.

Myth 3. You Need Make Any Financial Disclosures in Mediation

Fact: Transparency and facts are imperative to the successful conclusion of any legal process. This applies to divorce mediation as well. If your case involves financial issues, you will need to put details about your income(s), expenses, liabilities, and other money-related matters out in the open. This is crucial to the formulation of a fair agreement.

Myth 4. Mediation Works Even If Spouses Don’t Cooperate

Fact: Mediation is an alternative to traditional divorce. It is voluntarily chosen by the couple, which is why both parties need to be open-minded about it. They should be flexible and willing to explore the options before them. If the other party is not willing to cooperate and contribute to the process, your St. Louis divorce mediation attorney will not be able to do much about it. The mediation will most likely fail and you will have to go to court.

Myth 5. The Mediator Will Tell You How to Resolve Your Matter

Fact: This is a common myth. Your mediator has a very specific role to play in the mediation process – that of an intermediary. Hence, they cannot act as the judge and give out verdicts or tell you how you should handle your matters. Their role revolves around encouraging the separating couple to find ways to resolve their disputes jointly and keep them focused on the issues at hand. They will offer their suggestions only if the parties reach a deadlock on an issue. For suggestions on how to handle your case, you should speak to your St. Louis divorce mediation lawyer.

Myth 6. Mediation Prolongs the Divorce Process

Fact: Contrary to popular notion, mediation almost always takes less time compared to the court system. It is the fastest route to legal separation unless you and your spouse are approaching the court after already negotiating and arriving at a systematic and comprehensive divorce agreement. It is important to note that a faster divorce is also usually less expensive.

Myth 7. Mediation Allows One Spouse to Dominate the Proceedings

Fact: Untrue. As St. Louis divorce mediation attorneys, we know that a skilled mediator will study and identify the balance of power between the separating parties. They will use specific methods to address any imbalance during the mediation. If one spouse is overbearing and tries to dominate the other, the mediator will intervene and stop the mediation rather than allow the coercion to continue.

Myth 8. Mediation Is Not Meant for Complex Divorces

Fact: Any St. Louis divorce mediation attorney will disagree with this. Mediation is suitable for most types of cases, as long as the spouses agree to find resolutions together. Whether it is deciding on the parenting plan, child custody, and support, alimony, or other financial issues, mediation can be helpful. In fact, your mediated agreement can include almost any issue that is of concern to you. Make sure to consult your divorce mediation attorney for further clarity in this matter.


Divorce is a complex process, but divorce mediation offers an easier way to untie the marital knot and sort your matters harmoniously. It is especially effective when children are involved. While divorce mediation does come with various benefits, there are several misconceptions, like the ones mentioned above, that continue to fester, and should be busted. This is why consulting an experienced St. Louis divorce mediation lawyer can prove to be extremely helpful. Make sure to discuss all your apprehensions with your team of divorce attorneys, and you will be able to gain more clarity about how divorce mediation works.

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