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How do I Request a Mediation in Missouri?

Mediation is a useful tool for resolving divorces as well as a host of other domestic relations issues. Unlike a trial, mediation is an out-of-court procedure that involves both parties to a dispute working with a mediator to resolve their case. Often, mediation results in an agreement that resolves divorce disputes without the need for a trial.

But how do you request mediation in Missouri? The answer depends on a few factors. If your divorce case has already been filed, the judge in your case could require mediation or point you toward a mediator. Outside of court, you can seek mediation help from a third party so long as your spouse agrees to participate.

Mediation could have a positive impact on the outcome of your case. You also have the right to legal counsel throughout this process. If you are considering divorce mediation, the J. Rench Law Firm, LLC is here to help. Reach out right away to discuss your options.

Requesting Mediation During a Divorce

When it comes to requesting mediation in an active divorce case, the process can vary from one jurisdiction to another. Some courts are hands-off when it comes to mediation, meaning that you would be required to find your own mediator if you choose to take that path.

Other courts offer free domestic relations mediation services. For example, Family Court Resource Services in Jefferson County, Missouri offers free mediation services. It should be noted that these free services usually require a referral or order from a court.

In fact, you might not have to request mediation during your case at all. Many judges across the state will request or even require parties to go through the mediation process before they will set a trial date. This is common given that mediation is often successful. Every case that is resolved through mediation is one less drawn-out trial on a judge’s docket.

The Use of Private Domestic Relations Mediation in Missouri

The process is very different if you are considering mediation prior to filing for divorce or some other domestic relations case in a Missouri court. If you have not yet initiated legal action, you can make use of mediation by simply contacting a divorce mediation attorney.

It is important to keep in mind that mediation is a collaborative process. That means both sides must agree to go into the mediation process together. If one party refuses or is not moving forward in good faith, mediation is not a viable option.

Why Mediate?

There are hoops to jump through in order to obtain a mediator for your divorce case. In many situations, this effort is worth it. Mediation has a number of important benefits that are worth taking into account. They include:

  • Reduced Cost. Mediation is typically cheaper than litigation. This is true in terms of time and money. You could resolve your divorce dispute in less time and with fewer legal fees in many cases.
  • Privacy. Your mediation will occur outside of the eyes of the public. These proceedings are private, meaning you could resolve the details of your divorce without the conflict being heard in open court.
  • Control. When you go through mediation, the parties are in control of the process. This is a stark contrast to divorce trials where the judge has the final say on every issue. Many couples find that they prefer being in control when working out these important issues.

Talk to our Firm About Mediation Today in Missouri

If you are considering mediation for your divorce, there are ample resources for you to rely on. One of the best possible resources is the guidance of an experienced attorney. Even though this process is not formal litigation, you have the right to hire legal counsel to advise and assist you.

The J. Rench Law Firm, LLC is experienced with handling divorce mediation. If you are ready to resolve your dispute and move on with your life, now is the time to discuss your case with us. Reach out right away for an initial consultation.

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