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How Much Does Mediation Cost in St. Louis, Missouri?

The growth in popularity of divorce mediation has been significant in recent years. This tool is used by couples that prefer to resolve their divorce issues outside of the courtroom. While one of the benefits of mediation is that it typically costs less than litigating a divorce, that does not mean there are no expenses related to mediation at all. So how much does mediation cost in St. Louis, Missouri?

Like with most legal issues, the answer to that question is “it depends.” Mediators charge their own rates, and the amount of time it takes can vary from one case to another. It is helpful to remember that there are costs associated with mediation, but they are generally much lower than what it costs to have your attorney litigate your divorce.

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What Does a Mediator Charge in St. Louis?

It is helpful to understand how a divorce mediator charges their fee before you initiate the process. However, there is not a universal fee that all mediators charge. Just like with lawyers, the cost of one mediator could be substantially different than another. Determining what a mediator charge is best accomplished by contacting them directly.

Most of the time, mediators charge an hourly rate in divorce cases. This rate is generally in the hundreds of dollars per hour. The rate a mediator charges can vary based on numerous different factors.

First and foremost, mediators set their rates based on their experience. Many mediators are former judges, and their experience allows them some leeway on the rate they set. Another important factor is location, given that attorneys in larger cities generally charge more.

The cost of mediation can also depend on the circumstances. In some cases, it could be worthwhile to attempt multiple mediations in order to resolve a divorce dispute. It goes without saying that the more time a mediator spends on the case, the higher their fees will be.


Is Mediation Worth It?

A mediator could cost thousands of dollars in some cases—which is above and beyond what you pay your attorney. So is mediation worth it? Most of the time, mediation is a better option compared to litigation. Some of the benefits of mediation include:

  • Lower costs. Even if the cost of mediation is more than you expected, it could represent significant savings compared to the cost of ongoing litigation. In some cases, concluding a divorce through mediation could save thousands of dollars in future legal fees.
  • Less time. Often, mediation can result in a faster resolution to your divorce case. Mediation frequently is successful, which eliminates the need to pursue a divorce case to trial. Given that a divorce lawsuit could take months or even years to resolve, mediation could save substantial time.
  • Privacy. When you go to court for a divorce trial, it is a matter of public record. That is not the case with mediation. Mediation is a private event that occurs outside of normal court proceedings. If you value your privacy, mediation could be right for you.
  • Control. When you and your spouse enter mediation, you have total control over the process. You can determine when these hearings occur, who is present, and how they are generally running. That is not the case in court, where a judge makes all of the important decisions.


Contact an Attorney About Divorce Mediation Costs in St. Louis

The process of dissolving a marriage can be expensive, and the cost of mediation can add to that. However, it is helpful to look at the cost of mediation as an investment in your future instead of an expense. In many ways, resolving your divorce disputes through mediation could result in much lower financial costs in the long run. If you have questions about mediation, reach out to the J. Rench Law Firm, LLC as soon as possible.

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