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Is it Better to Request a Trial for Custody / Child Support in St. Louis?

Unsure if you are best served by requesting a trial in your St. Louis custody or child support case? There is no easy answer that applies to everyone. Trials are often necessary, but they can be challenging, costly, and time-consuming. When possible, it is typically better to work toward a resolution that both parties can agree to instead of taking a custody issue to trial.

The good news is that you never have to make this determination on your own. Before you consider any type of legal action, it is important that you discuss your options with an experienced family law attorney. The team at J. Rench Law, LLC is ready to help you navigate the process and evaluate your options.


The Pros and Cons of Support or Custody Trials in St. Louis


There are benefits and drawbacks when it comes to taking your child custody or support case to trial. While taking a case to trial can be challenging, it could represent your best chance for a fair outcome.



One of the primary benefits of taking your case to trial is that you will receive a final order directly from the court. Your immediate custody dispute will come to an end, and your trial will give you the opportunity to be heard by the court. If the other party in the case is unreasonable or refuses to consider a negotiated settlement, a trial might be your only option. This approach could provide you with peace of mind and a sense of closure.



There are important drawbacks to consider when it comes to taking your case to trial. First foremost, litigating child custody or support issues can be expensive. The resources an attorney must expend to try a case is much higher compared to simply negotiating a settlement, and these challenges are reflected in their fees.

Custody or child support trials can also be lengthy and time-consuming. While the trials themselves might not take more than a few days, it could require months or even years of preparation before a case will go before a jury.

Another major drawback to taking your case to trial is that you lose any control of the process. While the judge will always play a part in child custody or support issues, you have some leeway to negotiate with the other parent. If you take your case to trial, the outcome is out of your hands entirely.


Why Do Custody or Child Support Cases Go to Trial in St. Louis?


There are many reasons why a child support or custody case might ultimately go to trial. Every custody case is different, but there are a few common factors that are often present in these situations.

Most family court judges would prefer to see the parties work these issues out on their own. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. Some common reasons for child support or custody cases to go to trial include:

  • Inability to co-parent
  • Dispute over the need for child support
  • Personal conflict stemming from the breakdown of a relationship
  • Disputes over education or religion
  • Move-away issues
  • History of domestic violence


Options for Resolving Your Case Without Trial


There are tools that St. Louis family law attorney could use to help resolve a dispute without the need for the case to go to trial. While these tools are not guaranteed to be successful, they have allowed many couples to reach an agreement that is best for their children.

  • Negotiation. In some cases, all that is needed is negotiation between the two parties. The attorneys for each side could bring the parties toward common ground.
  • Mediation. Mediation is another viable option. Mediation involves both sides sitting down with a neutral mediator and working toward a solution.


Talk to an Attorney About Your Custody Dispute in St. Louis

Whether or not your child support or custody case will go to trial is ultimately up to you and the other parent. However, there are often better ways of resolving these disputes outside of the courtroom. Contact the J. Rench Law Firm, LLC to learn more.



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