Divorcing in St Louis When You Own a Business

Many divorcing couples are concerned about how they will divide property and assets such as the family home, cars, and retirement accounts. However, divorce can become substantially more complicated when one or both spouses own a business. Suddenly, your livelihood is potentially at stake, and you do not want to risk losing the business you […]

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St Louis Mediation: Preserving the Co-Parenting Relationship

Many divorcing couples look to mediation as a way to save time, energy, and money during the divorce process. Just because spouses cannot immediately agree does not mean a case will have to go to court, since mediation can often lead to resolutions. St Louis Mediation can also help with another very important aspect of […]

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Parenting Plan Modifications in St Louis, Missouri

Sharing physical and legal custody of a child can be a challenging task with the opportunity for many disputes between parents. Before you begin your custody arrangement, you should hammer out the specifics of how the arrangement will practically work. Which days will the child live where? When can you take your child on vacation? […]

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