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St Louis Mediation: Preserving the Co-Parenting Relationship

Mediation in St Louis, MOMany divorcing couples look to mediation as a way to save time, energy, and money during the divorce process. Just because spouses cannot immediately agree does not mean a case will have to go to court, since mediation can often lead to resolutions. St Louis Mediation can also help with another very important aspect of many people’s post-marriage lives – healthy co-parenting.

If you have children, it may be difficult to imagine getting along with your spouse in order to co-parent effectively after your divorce. The time pre-divorce can often be wrought with negative emotions toward each other, and you may not be close to agreeing on a child custody arrangement. With the help of a divorce mediator, you may be able to work together to reach a solution that works for everyone. This often reduces animosity leading into the future, which can help you work together for the benefit of your children.

The Benefits of Healthy Co-Parenting

Healthy co-parenting can improve your child’s emotional health and well-being in many ways, including the following:

  • Less stress – When there is less tension surrounding a child, they are more relaxed and can better focus on their schoolwork and other activities. Further, if they see less conflict between their parents, they may have less stress about whether the divorce was their own fault, as young children are prone to think.
  • A greater sense of security – Divorce will change many aspects of a child’s life, and their routine will be changing and new. If parents can get along, they may be able to transition easier and not feel torn between parents, which can help them feel comfortable staying close with both parents and secure in either home.
  • Smoother scheduling transitions – Going back and forth between parents can be inherently difficult. If parents can effectively communicate, they can make sure each transition goes smoothly, so the child is not wondering what will happen next or feeling like a burden to either parent.
  • Having a strong example – When two parents work to cooperate and get along despite a divorce, they provide a healthy model to their child for how to handle changes and transitions. Even if a disagreement does arise, addressing it in a healthy manner demonstrates problem-solving skills and how to work out difficulties in a productive and respectful manner.

On the other hand, parents who refuse to compromise or agree can have a detrimental effect on their child’s emotional health, which may have a lasting impact and affect the way the child handles their own personal relationships into the future.

How Mediation Can Help

Many divorcing spouses have different ideas about what their custody schedule and arrangement will look like. This does not mean you are destined to disagree for years to come, however. Mediation allows parents in disagreement to sit down and discuss their options, as well as realize the benefits of compromise.

A mediator will listen to the point of view of each parent and will help them look at the big picture and to remove negative emotions from their decisions. Some decisions you can reach through mediation may include:

  • Parenting time schedules – A divorce mediator can help you explore different ideas for physical custody scheduling until you find one that works for both parents.
  • Guidelines for sharing responsibility – Each parent may have different opinions on who gets to make which decisions for the child. Mediation can help you design practical provisions for your parenting plan to divide and share legal custody.

When parents know that custody will be an issue for mediation, they should go into the process with the best interests of the child in mind. Be prepared to set aside your personal conflicts and try to have realistic expectations about your custody arrangement. Not only will a successful mediation process help save you time and money, but it also often results in a healthier environment and future for your child.

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If you are a parent, keeping your child emotionally and physically healthy and happy should be a priority during and after the divorce process. It is important to find legal representation from an attorney who helps you achieve your goals when it comes to reducing arguments and effectively co-parenting into the future with your ex-spouse. If you are in the St. Louis area, look no further than the J. Rench Law Firm. Divorce lawyer and mediator Jennifer Rench understands how family systems work and how to get them as healthy as possible. Call 314-725-4000 or use our online scheduler to book a free divorce mediation consultation today.



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