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Divorce and Other Family Matters

J. Rench law firm is passionate about helping families through separation or divorce. We are dedicated to family law matters such as:

  • Divorce mediation: We help people come up with their own agreements about how they wish to separate. Mediation offers a lower conflict way to come up with a plan about how to move forward.
  • Collaborative Divorce: Attorney Jennifer Rench can represent you in a collaborative divorce, separation, or paternity. Using the collaborative method combines the support of representation and legal advice with the lower conflict model of mediation.
  • Paternity: It is certainly not uncommon for children to be born out of wedlock. In these cases, when the parents separate it is important that they establish custody schedules and discuss child-related expenses to continue co-parenting. We can use mediation or collaborative methods to help separated couples figure this out.
  • Legal Separation: Sometimes a couple separates, but is unsure whether or not they want to dissolve their marriage. We can use mediation or collaborative methods to help people separate with a plan.


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