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Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a St. Louis Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is never easy. Whether you are facing the dissolution of your marriage for the first time or you have gone through this process before, there are a lot of factors to consider when divorcing in St. Louis. A St. Louis Divorce Lawyer could answer your questions and provide you with guidance through every stage of the process.

Your choice of a St. Louis Divorce Lawyer is important. When you hire the right legal counsel, you could ensure that you are treated fairly by the courts when it comes to your parental or property rights. Your attorney could also work to avoid delays during this challenging process.

According to the Missouri Department of Health, the divorce rate is growing. It should come as no surprise that the demand for divorce attorneys is growing with it. To ensure you have reliable legal guidance in your divorce, reach out to the J. Rench Law Firm, LLC right away. Before you do, here are a number of important questions to ask a prospective St. Louis divorce lawyer.


Is Your Legal Practiced Focused on Family Law in St. Louis?

There are two different types of attorneys. Some lawyers are general practitioners that are willing to take on virtually any case that walks through their door. Others focus their efforts on a specific area of the law. This focus allows them to spend more time learning the nuance and details that apply to those types of cases. Since you are considering divorce, you could benefit from hiring an attorney that spends most or all of their time on cases that are similar to yours.


How Many Divorces Have You Handled in St. Louis?

A focus on divorce law is only one part of the equation. You also deserve to know the extent of your attorney’s experience with the dissolution of marriages. An attorney could help themselves out as a St. Louis Divorce Lawyer despite having little to no experience in the area.

Our firm has extensive experience taking on divorce cases in St. Louis. We understand the law that applies to disputes over child custody or paternity issues. We look forward to using our extensive experience to benefit you in your divorce case.

Do You Practice Collaborative Divorce?

Divorce has earned a reputation as a confrontational and ugly process. The reality for many couples is that it could be possible to resolve their disputes and dissolve their marriage in a collaborative way. That is why it is helpful to ask if your prospective attorney practices collaborative divorce. This process allows you and your legal counsel to resolve the important issues in your divorce case outside of the courtroom.


Will You Keep Me Informed?

One of the most frustrating aspects of hiring an attorney can be learning that they do not communicate well. Your divorce case is important, and you need legal counsel that will treat it like the priority it is. When you hire an attorney, you should ask them about any policy they have regarding returning phone calls or providing documents on request. It is also helpful to know how easy it is to reach your legal counsel. For example, you could ask if your attorney provides a mobile number, or if they have 24-hour call support.


What Are Your Fees?

The cost of legal representation should never be a mystery, and the best time to discuss these matters is during your initial consultation. By asking your prospective attorney upfront what they charge, you could avoid any billing disputes during the course of your divorce.


Talk to a St. Louis Divorce Lawyer

The prospect of going through a divorce can be upsetting, but there are steps you could take to make the process go smoothly. One of the most important steps in seeking out the guidance of a St. Louis divorce lawyer.

The St. Louis Divorce Lawyer is ready to help advocate on your behalf during this challenging time. If you are ready to discuss your options, reach out as soon as possible for an initial consultation.



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